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Straps2Go - 4x4, Tie Down and Marine ratchet strapsWelcome to the world of Straps2go

We have an exclusive range of imported products that are manufactured to our specifications and comply with Australian Standards as required. We offer an excellent product with a very competitive price tag.

There are a huge variety of straps out there but we have limited the range to what we consider to be the best. If your requirements are not meet with the products available on our website please feel free to email us with your special needs. We will aim to source these products and supply to you in the most cost effective way possible.

4x4 Recovery Straps, Tie-Downs
and Marine Straps


Our website has been designed and updated on a regular basis by a highly qualified web designer. Their attention to detail and technical support must be praised. The purpose of this highly detailed website is to allow people to buy products on line at their convenience, that are either difficult to source from regular outlets or are physically just too hard to get.

The concept is that if you live in outback Australia or in a suburb of Sydney all is NOW in easy reach from the comfort of either your home or office and without having to travel. This allows extra free time to enjoy those hard earn days you totally deserve, so Live it up!  

Fundraising Appeal for Cancer Council NSW
With each purchase from our websites we are donating 10% from the sale amount effective 16/9/2013 to 28/2/2014 in our Fundraising Appeal to Cancer Council NSW.